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Science keeps your wine VineyardFresh

Use chemistry and physics in a can to keep opened wine bottles fresh for weeks.

So physics actually does come in useful! VineyardFresh

In my current delicate condition, expected to continue until July, I am not able to drink nearly as much wine as I would like. I find myself limited to inhaling deeply near the wine glass and trying to get some satisfaction from that (it doesn't work). This leaves the total number of legal drinkers in our house at exactly one, and one who doesn't drink a lot to begin with. So a bottle of wine can last a good long time in our house.

If, that is, a bottle of wine could last a good long time. Which it can't, really, once it's been opened.

But now, VineyardFresh promises to preserve open bottles of wine by stopping the process of oxidation. According to the Web site, you simply spray two quick bursts of a mixture of argon with a small percentage of nitrogen, and then "a combination of chemistry and physics" takes over and creates a protective barrier between remaining wine and the air left in the bottle, preventing oxidation.

A single canister should be enough to keep 50 bottles of wine fresh. I can't tell you if it works yet, though--ask me in July. Or buy your own for around $25, and you can tell me if it's any good.