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Say what? 'Shai is meaningless'

There is humble. There is existentialism. And there is humble existentialism.

Shai Agassi, the president of SAP's product and technology group, is a rising star at the company. The 38-year-old is rising so fast that he is in line for the position of CEO at one of the largest software companies in the world.

In response to a question regarding how long it may take before the industry can say with confidence that his ideas are working out, he responded:

"I think, first, it's not about Shai. Shai is meaningless. In the overall scheme of things, this is not about an individual; it's about our 12,000-(engineer) organization. They're all-important and they're all contributing."

Maybe he needs to learn to talk himself up more.

The full story is here: "SAP's great succession debate heats up."