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SanDisk teams with Veoh on portable Web video player

Veoh's Web video player now available for download on SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drive.

This is good for those who have grave concerns over others knowing what kind of videos they're watching.

On Wednesday, Veoh announced that its new Web video player (which is still in beta) is now available in a portable version, but only on SanDisk's Cruzer USB flash drive. For those who already own the drive, the download is available for free on SanDisk's site.

That means any TV shows, movies, or other Web videos found on Veoh can be downloaded to the drive and played on any PC, without need for an Internet connection. Veoh has content from MTV Networks, ABC, Warner Bros., ESPN, Lions Gate, and CBS (parent company of CNET's publisher, CBS Interactive).

SanDisk's own U3 Smart technology enables the player to work on any PC without any installation necessary. The Cruzer drive is also password protected, so no one will be the wiser to what you've been viewing.

Also, SanDisk specifically notes that this could come in handy for people who, say, want to watch videos at work, but whose employer blocks access to streaming video sites.

In other words, this is for rule breakers and the extremely paranoid. Check out the screenshot below.

Veoh SanDisk USB flash drive
The Veoh Web Player available on SanDisk's Cruzer flash drive. veoh