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SanDisk launches Wi-Fi enabled Flash storage

The two products under the SanDisk connect brand are designed with mobile users in mind.

SanDisk has launched two new wireless-enabled flash products for mobile users.

The Flash Drive. (Credit: SanDisk)

The two products in the SanDisk Connect range are the Wireless Flash Drive and the Wireless Media Drive. Both devices work by creating ad hoc wireless networks, allowing multiple devices to connect to them and access the stored files. The drives can be configured to also allow access to a standard Wi-Fi connection at the same time.

The Connect Wireless Flash Drive comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. The battery can stream continuous HD video for up to four hours and the device can handle three simultaneous media streams and connect to up to eight devices.

The larger Media Drive comes in 32GB or 64GB, with an SD slot for additional memory. It can support the streaming of five different HD movies at once and like the Flash Drive can connect to eight different devices.

The Media Drive.(Credit: SanDisk)

SanDisk has a proprietary mobile file explorer app for the devices on iOS, Android and Amazon App Store. SanDisk representatives told CNET Australia that there are no plans for a Windows Phone version of the app.

SanDisk is pitching the devices as mobile storage management solutions, as well as mobile media streamers.

"We are addressing a common problem of consumers running out of memory on mobile devices," said George Saad, SanDisk's country manager for ANZ, in a media release. "With the SanDisk Connect products, consumers can expand the memory on their mobile devices, stream movies, and share photos and documents with colleagues, friends and family with ease and style."

The devices will launch in April and will be exclusive to Harvey Norman for the first month or two. Flash Drive has an RRP of AU$90.00 for 16GB, AU$110 for 32GB and AU$180 for 64GB. The Media Drive will be AU$140 for 32GB and AU$180 for 64GB.