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SanDisk buys MusicGremlin

SanDisk Corp. has announced the acquisition of a small, innovative MP3 player company named Music Gremlin.

Photo of Music Gremlin MG-1000 mp3 player.
Long live the Gremlin! The MusicGremlin MG-1000 Wi-Fi MP3 player in all its chunky glory. CNET Networks

Today, SanDisk announced the acquisition of MusicGremlin. As one of the pioneers of Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 players, MusicGremlin's expertise may help SanDisk resurrect its Sansa Connect MP3 player model, which was partially obsoleted by the demise of Yahoo's subscription music service earlier this year.

SanDisk's MP3 players are second only to Apple's iPod in terms of sales, and are characterized by their low price and wide file format compatibility. The addition of a Wi-Fi-capable portable music player to SanDisk's current product line would help the company stay competitive against new offerings from Haier, Slacker, and Microsoft.

(via Engadget)