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Samsung will take back used electronics for free

Company will take back consumer electronics items and recycle them on consumers' behalf beginning next month.

Starting October 1, Samsung will commence with a new recycling program for its consumer electronics products.

Anyone in any U.S. state will be able to take their old, used, or unwanted Samsung-brand electronics bought in the U.S. to a collection site--either a permanent drop-off point or a local recycling event--at no cost to the owner. You can also bring electronics not made by Samsung, but they'll charge you for it.

Samsung recycling
Looking to unload an old Samsung product? The company will now take it back for free. Samsung

Samsung says it is partnering with recycling programs "that do not incinerate, landfill, or export toxic waste to developing countries." The only things it will not take back are any home appliances.

The program is called Samsung Recycling Direct and was actually announced last week, but it's important enough to write about, even if it's a bit tardy.

More electronics companies are getting on the direct recycling bandwagon, following several retailers, many of whom have begun their own programs though not all of them are free.

Though the key to slowing the rate of electronic waste we produce is to buy products that last longer than two years and are made from recyclable materials, this is a good start. It might even delay our need for a real-life Wall-E.