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Samsung took top ad honors during Oscars, firm says

According to analytics firm Ace Metrix, Samsung beat out other tech companies like Google and Apple with its advertising during the 2012 Academy Awards.

Samsung's ad for the Galaxy Note was the top ad during the Oscars according to Ace Metrix.
Samsung's ad for the Galaxy Note was the top ad during the Oscars according to Ace Metrix. James Martin/CNET

Samsung ruled the roost with its advertising during last Sunday's Academy Awards broadcast, analytics firm Ace Metrix said today.

According to individuals polled by the firm, two of Samsung's advertisements came in with top honors: one for the Galaxy Note, and the other for the company's SmartTV product line.

Trailing in third place was Google for its Google+ commercial. And further down the list were other tech companies like Apple, Sprint, and AT&T, and non-tech companies like retailer JC Penney and Subway sandwiches.

Ace Metrix

"It seems the Oscars are becoming a showcase for tech and telecom advertising," said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix in a statement. "The battle between AT&T and Sprint was clearly being played out during Oscar commercial breaks, and Samsung's bold, and very effective moves in promoting its Galaxy Note and its new SmartTV paid off."

Ace Metrix says its "Ace Score" system measures how effective ads are based on user reaction, with a scoring system of zero to 950 based on "relevance, persuasion, watchability, information" and "attention."

Not making the top 10 list was Hulu with its 60-second spot called "Alien Forces," however, the firm noted that it ranked higher than the company's Super Bowl ad earlier this month, which came in last place among the ads that were tracked.

This poll in particular covered the 37 national ad spots which appeared during the Academy Awards, 24 of which were new, the firm said.