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Samsung says new memory overtakes old one in shipments

Korean memory giant Samsung said that 40 percent of the memory that came out of its factories in July was DDR2, a faster version of today's computer memory that only hit the market last July. Only 30 percent of shipments were DDR1. July marked the first time DDR2 shipments surpassed DDR1.

Crossovers mean good times for memory makers. The shift indicates that consumers and computer makers want faster parts and that there isn't a surplus of old stuff large enough out there to retard sales of new chips. With the crossover, volumes of DDR-2 will increase and prices will drop. Overall, DDR2 sales came to $1.56 billion in 2004 and will rise to $6.5 billion this year and $18 billion in 2006, according to DeDios and Associates. Samsung has about 40 percent of the DDR2 market.

Right now, Intel processors can be coupled with DDR-2 but AMD will accommodate the memory in the relatively near future.