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Samsung Level up with new headphones and speakers

Level up your Galaxy device with Samsung Level, a new range of headphones, earbuds and Bluetooth speakers, complete with Android app.

Samsung Level is a new range of audio kit Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung wants to level up your ears: Samsung Level is a new range of lughole-massaging audio accessories complete with an app for your S5 smartphone and other Galaxy devices. Lend an ear for the Level Over wireless headphones, Level On cans, Level In earbuds, and Level Box Bluetooth speaker.

The Level Over cable-free headphones pair with your phone via wireless Bluetooth. The cans have a 50mm dynamic driver made of Neodymium, and there's a mic on the outside for active noise cancellation and to hear your S Voice voice commands.

The Samsung Level Over and Level On cans, and the Level Box Samsung

Then there's the Level On lightweight wired headphones, with a 40mm dual-layered diaphragm. And next up are the Level In in-ear headphones with two balanced armatures and a dynamic speaker for deep bass.

And finally, Level Box is a wireless, metal Bluetooth speaker measuring 164.3mm × 62.3mm × 69.2mm and weighing 600g. It pairs easily to your phone or tablet via NFC and has buttons to play or pause a song, adjust the volume, and accept or reject calls -- as well as pumping out choons, there's a built-in microphone for phone calls and conference calls.

Inexplicably, there's a few devices missing from the line-up -- where's the noise-cancelling Level Off, the waterproof sports-focused Level PlayingField or thumb-operated bass-heavy Level 42? I assume they'll be in the second wave.

The new audio kit all works with the Samsung Level Android app from Google Play Store or Samsung Apps. The app includes an EQ system called Samsung SoundAlive, with 25 settings for genres like pop, rock, jazz and the like. The app also has a smart volume monitor so you don't accidentally blow your eardrums when shuffle goes from to Norah Jones to Skrillex.

The new Level audio devices will be on sale from mid-May in "most markets around the world."