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Samsung launches Mythic, Flight

The Samsung Mythic is a touch-screen phone and the Flight is a slider model with a QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung Mythic Samsung

CTIA isn't starting for two days, but Samsung joined Pantech on Monday morning with new phone announcements for AT&T. The Samsung Flight and the Mythic take different approaches to design, but they both offer the new AT&T Mobile Browser, which promises a full HTML browsing experience similar to a computer.

Samsung Flight Samsung

The Mythic has a 3.3.-inch touch-screen and a thin profile and it has a full feature set, including a speakerphone, 3G, Samsung's TouchWiz interface, AT&T Navigator, a memory card slot, a music player, messaging and e-mail, a personal organizer, and support for AT&T Mobile TV. It will be available in November for $200 with service.

The Flight is a slider handset with a full QWERTY keyboard; you can get it in red or silver. Inside you'll find a personal organizer, a speakerphone, messaging and e-mail, a memory card slot, AT&T Navigator, a music player, streaming video, and 3G. It will also be available in November for $99 with service.