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Samsung Instinct HD: Powerful but pricey

The Samsung Instinct HD offers unique features and decent performance, we'd rather pay less for a full smartphone.

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After the disappointment of the Samsung Instinct S30, Samsung has redeemed itself with the Samsung Instinct HD for Sprint. Both an upgrade and an improvement over the original Instinct, the Instinct HD offers a sleeker design, a brighter display, and more features. Its much-hyped high definition camcorder is an obvious attraction and we're pleased that Samsung finally added Wi-Fi.

The Instinct HD's performance was generally good, particularly on the multimedia side. The camera offers a load of options and the streaming video was some of the best we've seen. Its call quality didn't rate quite as high, but we're more concerned about the sometimes sluggish performance.

The Instinct HD will go on sale Sunday, September 27 for $249 with a service contract. As much as the phone offers, we find the price rather hard to swallow. After all, you can get a full smartphone like the HTC Hero for $70 cheaper. Personally, we'd rather pay for productivity features, but if high-end multimedia is your main interest, the Instinct HD should deliver them.