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Samsung Galaxy S3 blue 16GB version out today on Vodafone

Vodafone's got hold of the elusive pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S3, sending the phone out to pre-order customers today.

Vodafone has managed to get hold of the elusive pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S3, sending the ocean-hued blower out to customers who pre-ordered the phone today.

A Vodafone quote spotted by Eurodroid that originated on the network's forum relays the jolly news, which I've since confirmed with Vodafone. The network says, "Pre-orders for white 16GB and 32GB and blue 16GB S3 handsets are either delivered or being delivered to customers from today."

Unfortunately there's no word on when the blue 32GB blue version -- which is exclusive to Vodafone -- is going to be ready. Vodafone says it's "working with Samsung to secure stock of the blue 32GB as soon as possible for pre-order customers".

By the sounds of it, if you didn't pre-order your blue Galaxy S3, you might have longer to wait. This is good news for those who did throw down their cash early, however.

The launch of Samsung's hotly anticipated 4.8-inch mobile has been marred by news that there's a shortage of blue models in the UK, thanks to severe manufacturing problems.

An insider told CNET UK that less than 5 per cent of total Galaxy S3 stock arriving for sale would be the blue option. Samsung later confirmed that the blue version would be delayed by 2-3 weeks.

It looks like the wait may be over for Vodafone customers, however. If you're on Vodafone and pre-ordered the blue Galaxy S3 before the date stated above, let me know if it's arrived yet in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

Early indicators point to the Galaxy S3 being another success for Samsung, following on from the hugely popular Galaxy S2. Carphone Warehouse pegged the Android-powered phone as the fastest selling pre-order phone so far this year.