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Samsung Galaxy S3 benchmarked, no 1080p screen?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has reportedly been benchmarked, with the screen resolution not being 1080p.

One of the most highly anticipated phones of all time, the Samsung Galaxy S3, has been benchmarked, Pocketnow reports. And the big news is it won't have a 1080p screen. Boo!

This contrasts with earlier reports that claimed the S3 would have a Full HD screen. The processor is also slightly lower specced than previously rumoured. While these would be annoying if proved true, they wouldn't detract too much from what promises to be a fantastic handset.

The handset benchmarked is the GT-I9300, which is most probably the model number of the Galaxy S3. The screen is listed as 1,196x720-pixels, which would give it the same resolution as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But sadly it'd fall short of the 1,920x1,080-pixels reported previously.

The benchmark also says the processor is 1.4GHz -- again, lower than the 1.5GHz previously rumoured -- but it doesn't say how many cores it has. It's a Samsung Exynos processor, and my money would be on it being the quad-core variant.

It has the same Mali 400 MP GPU as the Galaxy S2, though it should be clocked higher. This should mean it maintains the S2's frame rate, but with the extra pixels making the images sharper. Ice Cream Sandwich should also come as standard, which is a boon, especially given how few ICS handsets we saw at Mobile World Congress.

Of course none of these specs are concrete. They could even be of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus that's tipped to be announced later this month, though that won't run Ice Cream Sandwich, according to previous rumours. I think the S3 will be a great handset even if it is slightly lower specced than anticipated. The S2 was one of the standout phones last year, we can't wait to get our hands on the follow-up. The latest rumour is that should be next month sometime.

What do you think of these specs? Would you be disappointed if the S3 is less powerful than previously thought? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.