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Samsung Evolution Kit coming soon to supercharge your TV

Samsung's Evolution Kit is a little add-on that will upgrade the processor and software on Samsung's 2012 smart TVs.

Samsung's smart TV Evolution Kit will soon allow you to upgrade the processor and software of certain 2012 Samsung tellyboxes, bringing them kicking and screaming into cutting-edge 2013.

Originally announced at least year's CES, the Evolution Kit is simply a small box that slots into the back of your TV. It might not sound like much, but like Danger Mouse, it's packing some very helpful kit. It upgrades your TV's existing dual-core processor to a quad-core variant, apparently tripling the speed as well as drastically improving the graphics processing.

That should make Web browsing and using apps -- particularly those that require picture-in-picture -- much speedier to use. We'll find out exactly how much faster it really is in everyday use when we go hands-on.

It's not just the processor that gets an upgrade though -- your TV will be given the latest version of Samsung's smart software too. It lets you access various on-demand services and has updated voice control for when you just can't be bothered to lift the remote.

In theory, the Evolution Kit keeps your expensive gogglebox bang up-to-date, meaning you don't have to shell out two and a half grand every time you want the processor to be a bit faster. Not all models will get the update though. Supported TVs include 2012's 7000, 8000 and 9000 series models. Whether or not Samsung continues to upgrade the same range year on year remains to be seen.

There's no official word on a UK price as yet, but Samsung told our chums in the States that it will sell for between $200 to $300. You'd be safe to assume that it will be at the upper end of that estimate -- over £200 -- by the time it reaches our shops.

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