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Samsung chief questioned over corruption

Head of the South Korean electronics giant is called before prosecutors to defend his company against charges of bribery of public officials.

Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee appeared before South Korean special prosecutors to answer questions about his company's alleged bribery of public officials, according to the BBC.

Samsung is being investigated for starting a slush fund worth $215 million used to bribe prosecutors, judges, and other public officials. The company denies the accusation, which was made by former company lawyer Kim Yong-Chul.

The chairman's wife, Hong Ra-Hee, who is the director of the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, was also questioned by prosecutors earlier this week. She was asked whether she used money from the fund in question to buy works of art for the museum, which she denied.

South Korea's largest company, Samsung operates in many industries, but is primarily known for its electronics. The company is one of the largest television manufacturers in the world, and is also a leading handset maker.