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Samsung Brightside review: This ain't no killer

Verizon shoots and misses with the Samsung Brightside, a lackluster feature phone with a high asking price compared with that of many smartphones.

Samsung Brightside (Verizon Wireless)
There's a reason feature phones started going out of style. Josh Miller/CNET

All week reviewing the Samsung Brightside, I've had that Killers song, "Mr. Brightside," running through my head. It's a great soundtrack to review by, but I hate to say it: the phone just doesn't deserve it.

The Brightside is a feature phone, which isn't a crime in itself. Conceptually, feature phones satisfy the need of bringing functionality like e-mail and a larger-than-flip-phone screen to the segment of people who don't want to or can't afford to pay a monthly recurring data fee.

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So where did it go wrong? Well, if the mediocre camera and slow-as-slugs processor don't cool you on it, how about the fact that for the same price or less, you can find much more advanced smartphones?

Watch the video and get all the pros and cons in the full Samsung Brightside review. And, since misery loves company, here's a list of other cell phones that you should studiously avoid.