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Samsung 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV coming in new year

Samsung will unveil an 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV in the new year, and it's already bagged a prestigious innovation award.

Samsung will unveil an 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV in the new year. It's not the first 85-inch UHDTV, but it has bagged one of the technology world's most prestigious innovation awards.

The Samsung gigantotelly makes its debut at CES, the technology bunfight that takes over Las Vegas every January. It's already won the Best Innovation award for the show, so we can't wait to check it out.

The enormogogglebox measures 85 inches from corner-to-corner. That's 7 feet. If you got bored of watching movies in eye-popping detail, you could use this thing as a bed.

Samsung hasn't confirmed the resolution, but in order to call itself a UHDTV a display must pump out at least 3,840 pixels on its horizontal axis and 2,160 on the vertical.

Last year, Sharp showed off a prototype 85-inch 4K TV at CES that beamed out an eye-scorchingly detailed 7,680x4,320 pixels. That's about 33 million pixels in total -- a staggering 16 times higher than today's 1,080p screens. We were impressed, noting the "astonishing clarity of the picture is nothing short of mesmerising".

Sharp expects 4K broadcasts to begin in 2020, in Japan at least. In the meantime, prices are still being decided. Sony suggested its 4K TV would cost around €25,000 (£20,000), but after LG announced something very similar for a full eight grand less, Sony decided to have a rethink.

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