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Salesforce reports another outage

Outages appear to be an ongoing problem at, a forerunner in the growing market for business software by subscription.

Salesforce told eWeek that service to customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa was interrupted briefly last Thursday, but that few were inconvenienced because the outage occured during the middle of the night.

Brief outages are not uncommon at Salesforce, which stores customer information for thousands of businesses and delivers the data "on-demand" via the Web.

But some customers have grown impatient, especially after a major all-day outage last month. That incident cut off access to critical business data for many of the company's customers on a critical pre-holiday business day.

Salesforce has added customers rapidly over the past year, and some suspect that growth is taxing its computing infrastructure. The company has blamed past outages on a database glitch.

Salesforce Chief Marc Benioff is sure to be questioned about it next Tuesday at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, where the firm plans to launch the next version of its programs.