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Safari 1.2 Highlights

Safari 1.2 Highlights

In a blog entry, one of the Safari developers, Dave Hyatt, notes some of the "technical highlights" of Safari 1.2:

  • LiveConnect is supported for Java applets
  • Personal Certificate support
  • keygen implementation
  • Full Keyboard Access
  • Improved Downloads
  • Printing improvements
  • International Domain Name support
  • RTL improvements
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Mini Form controls
  • XMLHTTPRequestObject supported
  • CSS2 table support
  • DHTML performance improvements
  • hover/active improvements
  • Generated content support
  • Marquee support
  • Small-caps support
  • Improved stability
  • Improved performance
  • Improved caching
  • HTTPS speed improvements
  • CSS load improvements

See the blog entry linked above for details on each item.

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