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Rumor: RIM and Apple cultivating the AppleBerry?

It seems like something that would be next to the Count Chocula breakfast cereal at your local supermarket. But the "AppleBerry" would actually be the fruit of a partnership between Research in Motion and Apple Computer to develop an Apple-style version of the BlackBerry, according to an analyst report.

Peter Misek of Canaccord Capital issued a research note on Friday musing that Apple and RIM might be working on a product together based on the advice of their common partner, Intel. Apple's got the design expertise that has made the iPod a hit, but it doesn't have the relationships with carriers and handset makers that RIM does, he wrote in his report.

For some time, Apple has been rumored to be working on an , and a deal with RIM would allow it to build such a device that could also take advantage of the wireless e-mail software, Misek wrote. Misek envisioned three scenarios: the iTunes software on a BlackBerry device (in the same way that iTunes is now available on Motorola's Rokr and Slvr phones); an iPhone using the same Intel Hermon chip used to build the BlackBerry 8700, or a completely new device.

In an with CNET earlier this year, Deboarah Conrad, the head of Intel's Apple business, said "that's really what's interesting about Apple, is they look at our technology in a very Apple way." She said she didn't expect Apple to use an Intel chip inside an iPod anytime soon, but when it comes to other future devices, "that's where we're very, very excited," she said.

Representatives from RIM and Intel did not immediately return calls seeking comment. An Apple representative said the company does not comment on rumors.