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Rumor of the day: Yahoo buying Digg?

Yahoo is at the center of the latest rumor sweeping the blogging world.


Several sites are reporting that the media company is getting ready to acquire, an online news community that's quickly become .

The reports are still rumors, but most bloggers seemed to think that such a deal makes sense; Yahoo has shown a strong interest in Web 2.0 companies, having acquired Flickr and .

Blog community response:

"With Delicious, Digg, Flickr and related services, Yahoo seems willing to do whatever it takes to 'own' Web 2.0."
--Kevin Burton's Feed Blog

"I am wondering why would Yahoo do this deal so soon after acquisition? If there is any truth, and I mean a really big 'if,' then why didn't they buy in the first place?"
--Om Malik's blog

"I do honestly think that Yahoo! would benefit from integrating Digg into their social search strategy and I also think that Digg would benefit from having access to Yahoo!s deep pockets to grow like they really need to. Yahoo! has done a good job with letting Delicious and Flickr run their own shops and I think they'd be the best of the bunch as a corporate owner for Digg."
--Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection