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Rumor: More iPhone rumors to surface between now and later?

With less than 24 hours to go before Apple is expected to reveal the latest version of the iPhone, the rumor mongering has officially soared out of control or usefulness.

This is an iPhone. Tomorrow, there's probably going to be a new iPhone. CNET Networks

I guess the thinking is if you toss enough possibilities in the air, at least one of them will come down right.

For example this Sunday morning, the Internet suggests that Apple's new iPhonemight be cheaper. That it might be thinner. That it might have video chat. That it might have GPS. That it might come with a four-core chip. That it might be late. That it might be here already.

Hopefully, that clears everything up. Come back tomorrow for live coverage of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, when the company is expected to reveal actual details about its next-generation iPhone 2.0.