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Rumor: JBoss could get a new boss

Rumors have it that JBoss, the open-source Java middleware company, will be acquired. One extremely speculative piece wondered aloud whether Oracle might be the acquirer.

Representatives from Oracle and JBoss declined to comment in response to queries last week from CNET

Given Oracle's preoccupation with getting its own Java-based Fusion middleware to run with its different application suites, buying more Java middleware might not make much sense. On the other hand, a partnership between the two firms to better link their respective products could be a sensible move. After all, JBoss and Microsoft tied the knot last year .

The acquisition of a relatively small open-source outfit by large, entrenched vendors has some precedents: IBM bought open-source Java middleware company Gluecode despite having its own proprietary middleware business, and Oracle bought Innobase, which supplies a widely used engine for the open-source database MySQL.