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Rumor Has It: iPhone 5, is that you? You look tall, thin (video)

This week in rumor land, Barnes & Noble has a secret, an iPhone rumor is born every minute, and Microsoft finally realizes that nobody wants to pay $1 million for Windows 8.

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This has been the week of iPhone rumors. And iPad Mini rumors (but we were too sick of those to discuss them on the show). From an odd claim that Apple's next phone won't be called "iPhone" at all, to supposed sightings of prototype screens and third-party cases, anonymous reports out of China, Japan, and Taiwan have the rumor mill churning in overdrive. The result? A lot of iPhone butter to grease the cake pan of Rumor Has It's show brownies...wait, that metaphor took on a life of its own.

But since iPhone 5 rumors are only going to continue to churn out of control as we approach the fall (the traditional iPhone-hunting season), we won't linger too long on those pesky suckers.

More interestingly, our own tablet editor David Carnoy got a hot tip from a source that Barnes & Noble is about to release a new 7-inch tablet with a "revolutionary screen."

We wonder, what the heck would a tablet screen have to do to be considered revolutionary? Will it be a Transformer? (Oh wait, that exists). Will it cram in more pixels than it knows what to do with? (Oh wait, that exists.) Will it solve the unemployment crisis in America, save print journalism, and stop the polar ice caps from melting and make Jude Law and the polar bears very, very happy?

Eh, we doubt it. What would a screen have to do for you to consider it "revolutionary"?

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