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Rumor Has It, Ep. 23: The iPad is so close, we can taste it (podcast)

It's finally here! Apple's iPad event is happening tomorrow, and in honor of all the announcements, we don't talk about the iPad at all on today's show. Just kidding! Will it be called the iPad HD? Will it have a home button? Will we finally be able to stop talking about it?

Where's the home button?
Where's the home button? Apple/CNET

We start out today's show with a very important message to all you copycats out there: give credit where credit is due! And that's all we have to say about that.

Whew! Tomorrow's iPad event means we can finally stop talking about the elusive iPad...3? Or maybe it's the iPad HD? Or maybe it's the iPad YouKnowYouWantOne? We'll find out tomorrow, where undoubtedly a million points will get on the board. And then we can finally put that baby to rest.

Also on today's show, we talk about something not Apple related (if you can believe it), play our Yay or Nay game (copyright, trademark, all rights reserved 2012), and count how many accents Emily whips out. (Our last count was nine.)


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