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Rumor: DirectTV in your Xbox 360?

After a long day of blasting mutants or wrecking expensive sports cars, sometimes you just want to watch a little television. If the Official Xbox Magazine is correct, the Xbox 360 might soon be able to display high-definition content sent into the house from a DirecTV satellite.

Engadget spotted the brief in the print edition of Official Xbox Magazine, which cites its "Rumor Mole" as having uncovered a plan to add a DirecTV "blade" to the Xbox 360 interface. Different capabilities, such as games, media, or Xbox Live, are available by selecting different blades that are stacked like file folders on the main menu screen of the game console.

This DirecTV blade would allow you to watch television and also get your TiVo content without leaving the Xbox interface, according to Rumor Mole. Microsoft and DirecTV announced a partnership at CES to bring just that type of service to the Xbox and Windows PCs, so this rumor might have legs.