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Rock Band in virtual reality, coming to Oculus Rift

The band can keep rockin' in the virtual world, but we still don't know how much Oculus' headset will cost. Also, Google launches the Cardboard Camera app for creating 360-degree photos, and GoPro slashes the price of the Hero4 Session camera.

With Rock Band in virtual reality, you can get even closer to living the rock star dream. (Well, aside from actually learning to play an instrument.)

Watch CNET Update to get a preview of the experience on the Oculus Rift, coming sometime in the first quarter of next year. Content is going to be a big factor in growing virtual reality, and Google is taking baby steps with the new Android app called Cardboard Camera. And if you don't need your photos and video to be in the third dimension, you may be interested in a big price cut for the GoPro Hero4 Session:

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Rock Band in virtual reality, coming to Oculus Rift