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Retail deals of the Week: June 4, 2014

One retailer is offering its "biggest sale ever", one is selling Monsters and one has a treat to keep the Simpsons fans happy. But get in quick because these deals won't last forever...

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The retailers are starting to get into the end of financial year mindset, meaning that there are good mid-year sales if you want to open your wallet. Here's our wrap of the best this week.

EB Games

Hyperbole alert: EB's "Biggest Sale Ever" is on -- we're not sure about the "ever" tag, but you can get about AU$20 knocked off the price of titles like Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Forza Motorsport 5 and FIFA 14.

It'sa Me, Mario: If you want the new Mario Kart 8 for Wii U, you can get it bundled with a Basic 8GB console and a Skylanders Swap Force starter Pack for AU$279. Or the Wii U Premium 32GB comes with Mario Kart 8, as well as Nintendo Land and Super Mario Bros. U download codes AU$429.

JB Hi-Fi

Frag-enhancing sound: Get a Logitech 2.1-channel PC Speaker System with 360-degree sound for AU$69 (down from the AU$129 ticketed price).

There's a Monster on your head: If you buy Monster's Inspiration Over Ear Noise Isolating headphones for AU$299 you'll get a free set of Monster iSport Strive in-ear headphones for free. You'll be listening to all the music.

Dick Smith

One day only: On June 4, Dick Smith has a one-day, online-only deal on selected TVs, offering a PS4 or Xbox One bundled in with the purchase. For example, you can get a Panasonic 60-inch Full HD LED TV with a PS4 for AU$1,999.

For the more responsible types: Dick Smith is knocking 30 percent off Trend Micro Security products.


Join the iFad: Target has taken 10 percent off the price of the iPad Mini, now down to AU$305.

Betta Home Living

If it's a 'droid you're looking for: Get an LG 8.3-inch 16GB tablet for $80 off, down to AU$319.

Toys R Us

Embiggen your Lego collection: With 3 Simpsons Lego Minifigs for AU$12. If you've been looking for more Simpsons gear, there's your answer Fish-Bulb.