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Resellers report shortages on several Mac models

Delays reported by resellers could point to updated Macs before the holidays, according to an AppleInsider story.

New evidence from Apple resellers suggest that updated Macs are on the horizon, according to a report from AppleInsider.


Apple resellers are reporting shortages of both Mac mini models coming from Apple. The company also reportedly issued an advisory earlier this week to its own retail stores that the Mac mini models and all four iMac models would not be restocked.

Reports surfaced in late September suggesting a new iMac with a thinner enclosure and possibly a Blu-ray optical drive is ready to be rolled out by Apple before the end of the year.

The wait time for Apple authorized resellers to get a Mac mini is currently two to three weeks, while the Apple online store lists the wait time as one to three business days. Having to wait one to three days for a computer may not seem that long, but all other systems on the online store ship within 24 hours.

Apple's MacBook could also be in line for an update before the end of the year. While the new models are thought to be similar to the existing MacBook, the update would most likely include processor and hard drive capacity updates.

The timing of the new Mac models makes a lot of sense. With the busiest shopping period of the year fast approaching, Apple is already set for iPods. The release of new Macs now would round out the offerings for the holidays.