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Reports: Microsoft to preview subscription TV service at E3

Two Web sites say the software giant will show off a premium subscription TV service through Xbox Live.

Microsoft plans to preview a new premium subscription television service, delivered over Xbox Live, at E3 next Monday, according to reports.

WinRumors says the software giant will demo the service, dubbed Xbox Live Diamond, and that it will offer content provided by various media companies with whom Microsoft has been negotiating.

Earlier this week, All About Microsoft's Mary Jo Foley wondered if Microsoft was planning to take the wraps off the service, codenamed Orapa, at E3.

The speculation comes after Microsoft's chief spokesman, Frank X. Shaw, revved the rumor mill with a blog post on Tuesday that hinted obliquely about the company's E3 news being broadly about entertainment and not just video gaming. Shaw wrote about Microsoft's partnerships with ESPN, Netflix, and Hulu, adding, "That is why you'll see Xbox marketed more as an entertainment brand this year."