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Reporters' Roundtable: The couch potato, version 2

Not content to feed you just one screen of entertainment, content and app developers are working on apps that make your tablet or smartphone a companion screen to the main event. Join our discussion on the rise of the "second screen."

Next week, on March 7, Apple will introduce the next generation of iPad. Why is the tablet form factor working so well? What is it about a machine that is best used on the couch?

One growing use case for tablets is the "second screen." It seems we aren't satisfied with just watching TV anymore. Now we need a second screen to keep us engaged. Businesses are growing up to build second screen apps, and programmers are starting to take the multiscreen user seriously.

Today I have two guests who are working on these apps who will discuss the emerging market space:

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Discussion points
Doesn't anyone just watch TV anymore? Why do we need a "second screen?

What should be on it?

  • Sports stats?
  • Director's commentaries?
  • Program Guides?
  • A remote control?
  • Games?
  • Social networking?

Is social TV a fad?

Discuss Yahoo's acquisition of IntoNow, and competing products.

How important is ACR--automatic content recognition?

Second screen for other media, like games?

Role of TV manufacturers?

Is this just another gimmick, like 3D?

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