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Reporters' Roundtable Podcast: Product launches

Should you launch your product at a trade show like Demo or CES, or should you try to drum up interest on your own?

Should you launch your product at a trade show like Demo or CES, or should you try to drum up interest on your own? This week on the Roundtable, Revision 3 CEO Jim Louderback and Stage Two Consulting's Jeremy Toeman discuss successful and doomed strategies for introducing new products to the market.

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Today, we're talking about product launches. The reason we're doing this show now is that the Demo conference just ended, a week after the TechCrunch50 conference. One hundred and twenty products were launched at these shows. Is that smart? Is this how products should be launched? Is there a better way? To talk about this issue in some depth, I have two great guests....

As usual, watch or listen to the podcast for the content. The notes below are for those keeping score at home.

Reporters Roundtable # 4: launching stuff

First guest: Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision 3, the other computer video network. Jim has been in tech media for 16 years. He was the editor-in-chief of PC Magazine for a while, and I believe we first met when we both worked at Ziff Davis, years ago. Jim, welcome.

And in this corner, Jeremy Toeman, the founder of Stage Two Consulting, a marketing and media relations firm. Now, there are a ton of consultancies out there that help companies launch products, and I wanted someone from one of them on this show. The reason I asked Jeremy to join is because he helped launch Sling Media and Boxee, two very interesting new media plays, as well as Bug Labs, a product for ultrageeks. Jeremy also has his own projects, like Legacy Locker, a site for archiving the keys to your digital assets. He's one of the most thoughtful communication strategists I know, and that's why I invited him to be on this episode.


Let's talk a bit about what happens at shows like Demo, TechCrunch, and some others that we know, like Under the Radar, the GDGT parties, etc...

Do they still make sense? Arguments for/against.

How to get buzz today with a new product

The velvet rope... does it work?

What about CES and other big shows -- what are they good for?

What about the alternative: Launching solo?

When's a good time / bad time to launch?

Secrets from Steve Jobs launches that work for everyone?

Great launch disasters in history (Cuil... others?)

Greatest launch ever? (My pick: Moobella at Demo. Too bad the product never shipped).

How to follow up on a launch.


Thanks Jeremy and Jim, Thanks Lynn Fu, producer

Obligatory pimping: Be sure to visit Jeremy's blog,, and of course watch the great shows over at Revision 3.

Thanks for listening to Reporters Roundtable. We're on live each Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific time at

Next time: Talk about tablets. Guests TBD!

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