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Removing hard drive jumpers for full capacity

Removing hard drive jumpers for full capacity

A recent post on the Apple Discussion boards indicated one user's issues getting Mac OS X to properly recognize all 75 GB (actual capacity) of her newly purchased 80 GB hard drive.

As pointed out by subsequent posters, some drives require that you re-configure jumper settings in order to address the full capacity of your drive.

For instance, Western Digital maintains a page at with jumper setting information for its SCSI and EIDE drives. Other manufacturers generally offer a similar page, or documentation included with the drive providing the jumper configuration information.

Other World Computing provides an excellent compendium of PDF documents for:

  • IBM/Hitachi Hard Drive Jumpers
  • Maxtor Hard Drive Jumpers
  • Seagate Hard Drive Jumpers
  • Western Digital Hard Drive Jumpers


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