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Release dates of two unknown Verizon phones revealed

New reports confirm that the mysterious Droid Fighter and LG Cayman are due out early spring.

A list of Verizon's anticipated spring products Droid Life

According to Droid Life, new reports have confirmed that Verizon plans on releasing its LG Cayman on March 29 and its Droid Fighter on April 12.

The other two devices listed have already been released: you can get the Samsung Brightside U380 online at Verizon's store, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE hit shelves a few days ago.

Back when the interwebs first caught wind of the LG Cayman and Droid Fighter a few weeks ago, we speculated what these devices mean.

Unfortunately, we still don't know anything new about these phones, except that perhaps the LG Cayman may be one of the phones LG announced during Mobile World Congress, and that the Droid Fighter is probably (and for its own sake, hopefully) just a codename for another Motorola Droid phone.