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Red Hat steps away from another Fedora version

The second version of Fedora, the fast-changing and free incarnation of Red Hat's Linux software, has reached the end of its life under the responsibility of the Linux seller. Now Fedora Core 2 has been transferred to the hands of volunteers at the Fedora Legacy Project who will provide remaining support for upgrades such as security fixes.

Red Hat made the transfer because of the release of the second test version of Fedora Core 4, Red Hat programmer Bill Nottingham said on a Fedora blog on Monday.

After two years of keeping too tight a grip on Fedora, Red Hat is trying to coax outside developers into the project. It has had some success; volunteers are building new versions for PowerPC and Itanium processors.

Another part of that effort has been to establish a Fedora steering committee. That group last week appointed a subgroup, the Fedora documentation steering committee to explain Fedora processes such as retrieving source code.

Also last week, Fedora project leaders declared that is the official area for technical support questions.