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Red Hat: Mono in Fedora, not Enterprise Linux

Red Hat is letting Novell's Mono software only into its noncommercial product line, the Linux seller said Tuesday.

Chris Blizzard, manager of Red Hat's desktop group, announced Monday that , a freely available version that Red Hat uses to mature new technologies quickly but that the company doesn't support. However, Red Hat has no plans at this time to include the Novell software in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, company spokeswoman Gillian Farquhar said, meaning that there are no plans right now to make it a standard part of the commercially supported product from the Linux leader.

Red Hat's official statement Tuesday was lukewarm toward Mono:

"The Fedora Foundation is a community of users who have a common interest in many technologies. Mono is a technology of interest to this community and the group has decided to include Mono in Fedora Core 5. Much like Fedora promotes choice with other technologies (an example is including both KDE and GNOME ), including Mono is another demonstration of choice being offered in Fedora," Red Hat said. "At this time, Red Hat has no plans for the endorsement or productization of Mono."