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Razer Tarantula

Razer Tarantula

Razer, makers of the Copperhead and Diamondback gaming mice, is branching out into keyboards with the Tarantula. The Tarantula is one of the first keyboards to be released in America that allows all keys to be pressed at once (the Ideazon Zboard holds the current consumer keyboard record of seven simultaneous keystrokes). The Tarantula is also one of the first keyboards to offer custom latency for individual keys, so users can set how responsive the keys are and how often they repeat. The Tarantula can be highly customized, and Razer's Synapse technology lets the keyboard itself store five separate custom profiles at once. It even comes with a key-removal tool, so users can replace their standard keys with special keys for their favorite games and programs. The Razer Tarantula will start shipping in April and will cost $99. A version with a large color OLED display, similar to the monochrome screen on the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, is planned later in the year, and will probably cost about $300.