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"Rails is a Ghetto" -- a ranting exit from the Ruby and Rails Community

A developer's scorn of Web 2.0 makes for fun reading

I know it's only January 1st, but Zed Shaw, creator of Mongrel, a hugely popular library and web server for Rails has posted the rant of the year already.

This is that rant. It is part of my grand exit strategy from the Ruby and Rails community. I don't want to be a "Ruby guy" anymore, and will probably start getting into more Python, Factor, and Lua in the coming months. I've got about three or four more projects in the works that will use all of those and not much Ruby planned.

This rant is full of stories about companies and people who've either pissed in my cheerios somehow or screwed over friends. I can back all of them up from emails, IRC chat logs, or with witnesses. Nothing in here is a lie unless it's really obviously a lie through exaggeration, and there's a lot of my opinion as well.

It's possible that he's a maniac but he might also be from New Jersey considering his willingness to fight on a whim. We need to get this guy on Open Season ASAP.

via Techcrunch