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Quad-core HTC One X passes FCC en route to U.S. carrier

Though at this point we don't know which carrier will get the new smartphone first, T-Mobile could be a contender.

Which U.S. carrier will end up with the quad-core model of the One X? Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Of all the announcements from Mobile World Congress last month, one smartphone that really has Android fans talking is the HTC One X.

That's why we got excited this week when details surfaced that a quad-core variant could touch down on U.S. soil in the near future. Documents found on the FCC's Web site indicate that the bigger, badder edition of the HTC One X is en route.

Where it will end up remains to be seen, but reportedly T-Mobile has called dibs. Then again, Verizon Wireless has a history of snatching up some of the better smartphones on the market. Either way, this will be "One" to watch over the next few weeks.

Packing a quad-core Tegra 3 chipset and a bunch of bells and whistles, it's certainly a handset that I'm looking for this spring. And while AT&T will receive a dual-core edition of the handset, it's those extra cores that make for a superphone.