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QT: Canon PowerShot SX1 IS

Canon's CMOS-based megazoom.

Since it's only about 6 months old, the higher-end SX10 IS doesn't get replaced, it gets a pricier buddy. The SX1 IS actually shipped last September in Europe, and I guess Canon USA finally decided we colonials were worthy of this higher-end model. Though it's 10 megapixels like the SX10, it uses a CMOS chip instead of a CCD; one of the resulting benefits of that is support for 1080p movie capture. Since the sensors are the same size, the 20X zoom lens covers the same focal range: 28-560mm-equivalent. The SX1 offers another perk over the SX10: support for simultaneous raw+JPEG capture. All that will cost you $599.99, about $200 more than the SX10.