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Put it away with Pyrex

Pyrex's food storage products make reheating and clean up absolutely easy.

When I hear the name Pyrex, I automatically think bakeware. From casserole dishes to pie pans, Pyrex bakeware comes in handy. But that's not the only thing the company makes. Pyrex's food storage containers take advantage of the company's skill with glassware, making for an ideal storage container. Available in a variety of sizes, these containers are glass and come with plastic lids that guarantee safe storage. They stack well in the refrigerator and can save quite a bit safe. An added advantage of Pyrex's food storage containers is that you can reheat them as-is: just pop off the lid. You don't have to struggle with aluminum foil or worry that a plastic container will melt. The containers are equally resistant to both heat and cold. And since the line is a set of attractive glassware, you can even serve in your storage containers. While Pyrex's storage products run more expensive than plastic storage containers (a 10-piece set is about $23), they'll last significantly longer with no worries of staining, retaining food orders or warping. Overall, Pyrex's food storage line is sturdier than other options. Sizes run from a small round dish with a 1-cup capacity to a large rectangular dish with an 11-cup capacity--and there are plenty of options in between.

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