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PURE Digital Avanti Flow: Slick Net and DAB radio

PURE Digital's latest DAB radio is the second Net radio-enabled system from the company, and it could make one hell of a good gift for the Consumermas season.

Back in the day, Avanti was the name of a superb map on the original Half Life mod, Team Fortress Classic. It is also the name of a Durex condom. But now the name has been recycled for the latest and greatest Internet and DAB radio from PURE Digital.

Its full name is the Avanti Flow, and it's the second model from PURE to come with the company's Internet radio service, following on from the Evoke Flow earlier this year. The Avanti is much larger, with an integrated down-firing sub woofer and a pair of 76mm (3-inch) main drivers, backed by a power-efficient Class D amp.

PURE's Internet radio system is called The PURE Lounge, and is essentially a media portal for Internet radio, podcasts and 'Listen Again' stations from the likes of the BBC. And since it operates via your home network over Wi-Fi, the Avanti Flow can pull MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA music content from a networked computer or NAS device.

It'll also accept your iPod of choice via a dock on top, and we expect the system will offer the same great usability that all P. Digi systems tend to.

Costing 280 of your Earth pounds, the system will be on sale in December in time for the holidays. We'll have reviews for both the Avanti Flow and the Evoke Flow long before then, so keep your eyes peeled on CNET UK for the beef, in time for you to gobble down your turkey.