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PS4 controls to have a Vita-esque touchpad, report says

More PS4 details: a touchpad will feature on the controls, according to a report, and we Brits may be in for a long wait.

We've only just seen Sony unveil the launch date for its PS4, and already more details are leaking out. According to Edge, there's a new controller on the way that'll borrow some design cues from the PS Vita.

But that's not to say it'll be a radical overhaul. Sources tell the gaming title that the control will be the same size and shape as the standard DualShock, but a touchpad similar to the one found on the back of the Vita will sit in the space currently occupied by the Start, Select, and PlayStation buttons. Which doesn't seem like much room for using your fingers, but I'm sure Sony knows what it's doing.

We also heard previously that the PS4 will have more social aspects, and Edge's sources seem to tally with that. They say the console will have a Share button that'll let you post screenshots and videos online. Which would be good for bragging rights.

And now the bad news: Edge's sources say us Brits won't see the console hit the shelves until early 2014, while those in the US and Japan will get their mitts on it around Christmas time this year. Apparently this is down to "complexities involved in European distribution". Which sounds like a massive bummer if it is the case.

A new PlayStation Eye is on the way too, and the PS4 will be more powerful than Microsoft's next Xbox, according to the report. This is all just hearsay at the moment of course, but it'll be interesting to see what comes true.

So, a touchpad on the controller, eh? What do you reckon? And what if we do have to wait a few months longer than our US and Japanese cousins? Let me know what you make of it in the comments, or on our Facebook page.