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Projection clocks dance on the ceiling

Some alarm clocks do a lot more than tell the time and wake you up. Oregon Scientific, for example, makes a line of self-setting clocks that let you project an image of the digital clock face and rotate it 180 degrees onto a wall or ceiling, so it acts as both a timepiece and night-light.

Oregon Scientific projection clock
Credit: Oregon Scientific
This low-frills rotating projection
atomic clock goes for 19.95.

The company's RMR966PA model, which goes for $49.95, projects glowing red numbers and is set to the U.S. atomic clock. It also features a wireless remote sensor that relays the outside temperature.

James Connell, a self-professed techno-geek from Washington, D.C., who traveled to New York for business, admitted to buying one of the radio-controlled projection clocks recently and said he enjoys waking up to the time and temperature projected on the ceiling.

That, of course, may be more clock than you need. Oregon Scientific has less-expensive options, like a low-frills projection clock for $19.95 in red, silver and blue. For those who favor high-end gadgets, there's the stylish Polermo model that also touts a motion sensor to alert you if someone walks into your room. It sells for $70.