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PowerBook screen resolution problem

PowerBook screen resolution problem

We are investigating an issue with PoweBook G4 Titanium (particularly 667 MHz models) where anytime the resolution is switched manually (via the displays preference), the screen goes either grey or blue. Closing the lid and waking the computer back up, or Command Option Control 8 will remedy this.

MacFixIt reader Amoreena Farrell writes "The only thing I can figure out is that under the System Profiler the display is recognized as a CRT, not an LCD. This might explain the issue if the computer is expecting a CRT and a frequency rate? Why the computer is expecting a CRT I do not know. If a CRT is attached to the PowerBook, operations behave normally.

Some readers have suggested replacing the video drivers with the older Mac OS X 10.2.x drivers, a solution we have not yet been able to test.

Several readers on the Apple discussion boards and the MacFixIt forums are reporting this problem. If you have a similar issue, please drop us a line at

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