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Possible Virex 7.5b1/Palm Desktop conflict

Possible Virex 7.5b1/Palm Desktop conflict

Some readers are having trouble with the newly released beta of Virex 7.5 - with a majority of reports involving application or component conflicts. Most users are finding that uninstalling 7.5b1 and reverting to version 7.2 is the only workaround.

MacFixIt reader Arkaday writes "Since I've installed a newly announced(4/8/04) Virex 7.5, I get "File Busy" when I Quit Palm Desktop 4.1, and or try to HotSync to my Tungsten T3, and then HotSync Quits.

I've also noticed that my programs launch slower after I installed Virex 7.5

I've Deleted Virex Log in Item, and I was still getting File Busy when Quitting Palm Desktop, and I can't HotSync.

I re-installed Palm Desktop from the CD that came with my Tungsten T3. The problem still exists. In the Finder, I searched for items containing "Virex", and Deleted them, with the exception of a couple of Saved Virex Reports. After Restart, the problems are gone.

I've Secure Deleted Virex 7.5, then I logged into my .Mac, and downloaded and Installed my previous version of Virex 7.2 (free Download) -- no problems.

If you're having problems with Virex 7.5b1, and are able to resolve the issues by reverting to Virex 7.2, please drop us a line at

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