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Possible solution for iTunes crash on iPod connection

Possible solution for iTunes crash on iPod connection

We previously reported an issue where iTunes 4.2 crashes shortly after connecting an iPod (under Mac OS X 10.3.x)

The crash generally results both in the iPod not getting updated and a force-quit required for iTunes.

Some users have had success disconnecting all other external peripherals - particularly FireWire devices other than the iPod (and USB components), but for others the problem persists under the same conditions. Reverting to Mac OS X 10.2.x also alleviates the problem.

In some cases, users are able to transfer only a few songs - usually less than 10 - before iTunes hangs.

Now MacFixIt reader Doug Mitchell offers a different solution that involves deleting streaming references in the iPod master library (streaming references include iTunes' radio stations and other streaming source files):

"I just bought a new 20 gig iPod and initially I suffered the same disasters others are referring to. I solved my problems through a variety of steps. First I plugged my dock for the iPod directly into one of the firewire ports in my G4. Secondly I noticed that there were a number of streaming references in the master library for iTunes. When I deleted these items from the library all music transfers went smoothly. I have had no problems since. I am running OS 10.3.2 and iPod software 2.1 as well as iTunes 4.2."


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