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Poll: Tell us about your favorite obscure music

Yawn, had enough Amy Winehouse, Vampire Weekend, and Jack White? Let's talk about the really out there music.

Ghosty, one of my favorite satellite radio DJs, he's on Sirius Disorder, urged listeners to email their favorite weird and obscure music. Never heard of any of the records, but it set me to wondering about some of my more out titles, and if I had to pick one I'd go for, The Rotor Rooter Good Time Christmas Band LP. It came out in 1974 and yes, I bought it for the wacky title, but it's actually a really good record, I've played it many dozens of times. Mixing equal parts polka, psychedelic, rock, classical and just flat out bizarre, Rotor Rooter is a blast from start to finish. If I had to pick just one cut, it would have to be "Fanfare/Buick LeSabre."

Tell us about your most obscure music, and why you like it.

Where or how did you find it?

What format is it on?

Did it come from a "real" record label, or was it just something you found on the net?