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Photos: Toshiba's small, convertible notebooks

Toshiba releases the small Libretto U100 and the Tecra M4, a notebook which can transform into a tablet PC.

    Small and convertible notebooks

    The tiny Toshiba Libretto U100 comes with a 7.2-inch diagonal wide screen LCD and a 1.8-inch 60GB hard disk drive. Find out more details from CNET's review

    Credit: Toshiba

    Toshiba Libretto U100

    Small and convertible notebooks

    The Toshiba Tecra M4 features a convertible design which lets users work with a keyboard as a traditional notebook--or rotate and fold the screen down for use as a tablet PC with digital pen-based input and control.

    Credit: Toshiba

    Toshiba Tecra M4