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Photos: The iPod economy

The success of Apple's digital-music players has spurred a whole market of fashionable and user-friendly accessories.

    The iPod economy

    A range of iPod accessories greet visitors to the Apple store in downtown San Francisco.

    Credit: Ina Fried

    S.F. Apple store

    The iPod economy

    Griffin's $39.99 iTalk records digital voice notes directly into an iPod. Take it to class, an interview or a party you want to remember better. Or use its speaker to play an audio book.

    Credit: Griffin Technology


    The iPod economy

    The newest thing: jewelry that covers the iPod Shuffle. Wire holds together the freshwater pearls and shells in this piece, which has no displayed price tag.



    The iPod economy

    Don't have a decent place in your car to put your iPod? Belkin's $29.99 TuneDok Car Holder fits into a cup holder and will grip your non-Mini device as if you're holding it.

    Credit: Belkin

    TuneDok Car Holder

    The iPod economy

    The $69.95 iCarPlay Wireless transmits music wirelessly to a car stereo through its FM tuner while charging the iPod through the cigarette lighter.

    Credit: Monster Computer

    iCarPlay Wireless

    The iPod economy

    For $39, you can use Macally Peripherals' AA battery-operated Podwave as a mini stereo system for your iPod.

    Credit: Macally Peripherals


    The iPod economy

    Have multiple iPods you want to color-code and protect? Or does your iPod simply need a new outfit six days of the week? Apple Computer's $29 pack of iPod Socks should do the trick.

    Credit: Apple Computer

    iPod Socks

    The iPod economy

    The $69.95 traveler-friendly Monster iCase, which has a rubberized zipper and a nylon exterior, has little pockets for all basic iPod accessories that usually get tangled--earbuds, remote, cassette adapter. It also comes with two other travel essentials: a car charger and a splitter that will let you share your tunes with your plane buddy.

    Credit: Monster Computer


    The iPod economy

    Forget the clunky over-the-shoulder boom box of the 1980s. Felicidade's $144.95 "Gucci-style" Groove Bag Tote Speaker Purse is probably a bit more comfortable to carry around, not to mention fashionable enough to hold your little music player and other accessories.

    Credit: Dr. Bott

    Speaker Purse

    The iPod economy

    Ten Technology's NaviPod, $49.99, lets you control your iPod as you do your TV--from across a room, wirelessly. It might be perfect for an iPod-centric living-room stereo system.

    Credit: Ten Technology